The 2018 Rare Disease Day theme is “Research”.

On 28 February 2018, people living with or affected by a rare disease, patient organisations, politicians, carers, medical professionals, researchers and industry will come together in solidarity to raise awareness of rare diseases.

The Rare Disease Day 2018 theme ‘Research’ recognises that rare disease research is crucial to providing patients with the answers and solutions they need, whether it is a cure, treatment or improved care.

The Rare Disease Day 2018 slogan is ‘With research, possibilities are limitless.’ Research brings much needed hope to people living rare disease, their families and carers, and can be life-changing.

Due to necessity, the dynamic between patient and research is a bit different in rare disease than in more common diseases. Rare Disease Day 2018 is also an opportunity to recognise the crucial role that patients play in research. The advocate for research. They often fund research. Patient groups often partner in research projects. Patients participate in clinical trials.

People living with a rare disease and their families are often isolated. The wider community can help to bring them out of this isolation.

The Australian Rare Disease Day website provides a platform for those affected by rare disease to communicate and sharing experiences as well as raising awareness amongst the general public.

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