Nephrotic Syndrome

In January this year after almost a year of reoccurring viruses, fluid retention and lethargy, our 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with the kidney disease known as Nephrotic Syndrome. By the time she was hospitalised she was extremely unwell and ended up staying for almost 2 weeks.

There is no cure for Nephrotic Syndrome. It is a poorly understood disease and can be hard to control. Relapses can be frequent and usually occur when the child becomes unwell through a cold or virus. Our daughter was undiagnosed for so long because Nephrotic Syndrome is a rare disease.

None of the Doctor’s we saw ever thought our daughter would have it. My husband & I even did my our own research and went to them suggesting Nephrotic Syndrome but were told it would be highly unlikely. Since the diagnosis life for our family has been very different. Our daughter is currently in ‘steroid dependent remission’ but we are unsure of what the future holds.