My name is Anneliese and I have a condition called Gastroparesis. I have a public Facebook page called “The Tube Fed Mum” and I have had many people all over Australia inboxing me saying they did not realise there were so many people out there with GP.

We are all uniting on the 12th of March to do an awareness campaign which involves a personal professonal profile picture with us holding a sign of our worst symptom. We also have had t-shirts designed that say “never give up the fight for a GP cure”, and are planning to do a video of everyone answering questions on what its like to live with GP.

There is no cure at present but we have started to liaise with a doctor and a local Rotary Club in Launceston Tasmania is holding money raised for research thats being conducted at Western Sydney University by Dr Vincent Ho. This illness needs awareness. We will be creating a Gastroparesis Australia Facebook page so people can learn about the illness and to provide other sufferers with a support network.