OTC Deficiency


Hey I’m Kathleen and I roam from Australia. My story begins.. Well when I was born, or rather before I was born. I had a brother before my first breathe of life was taken, but unfortunately when he was 3, and I was 1 – he passed away from the same illness and condition I suffer from today.

I have an extremely rare metabolic condition, called Ornithine Transcarbamalayse Deficiency (OTCD for short), and all my life I’ve grown up around regular hospital admissions, clinic visits allllll the time, a blood test ever week to test my amino acids and ammonia, but the most annoying and outcasted thing – having to be on a low protein diet and take medication 5 times a day, that’s what I hate about it.

I’ve pretty much gotten used to it now, although in 2012 I gained a tonne of weight from the medication and became so self conscious I made myself become my ideal size and not long after I got diagnosed and admitted for anorexia nervosa, and after 2 years about battling that stupid disorder. I made it out at a happy weight and began to ‘like’ myself.

The story continues for me, and although I can’t run much, stand on my feet for ages, eat normal foods, and stay out past a certain time due to my meds possibly being late – I live a generally normal life and my parents never wanted me to be “different” so they treated me as if I was normal, which I am. Just with failing organs, and tissues.

So that’s my story, what’s yours!? ??”