CIDP – Cronic Inflamatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy

rdd-logoCIDP effects people in many different ways, appears to be non curable but you can have remissions.

It’s an auto immune disease affecting the nervous system leaving arms, fingers, legs, toes numb. It effects energy level and mussel tone (strength) and just to make things more interesting, the numbness can also cause acute pain. Some people are paralysed, most need a walking devise of some kind as you lose your sense of balance. Drop foot is another common happening. This is just some of the effects, as I said they vary from person to person and to different degrees. Treatment at this stage for me is 4 weekly IVIG Intravenous Immune Globulin infusions which take around 4 hours and create a number of unpleasant side effects. It’s a disease that most people give up trying to fight instead they just try to learn how to live with it. Just imagine tring to tell your friends that your feet are numb and they hurt – go figure!