Neuroendocrine Cancer


In December 2003, after years of experiencing a confusing range of health issues, I finally had an answer to why I suffered chronic back pain and my right shoulder sat five centimetres higher than my left.  After months of physiotherapy it was suggested that I get a chest X-ray.  A simple basic routine medical procedure that changed my life. There, in the middle of my right lung, was the cause of my strange symptoms and my physical discomfort.

Two weeks before Christmas I was told I had a “mass” in my lung.  I remember doing my shopping in a daze wondering if it was going to be my last Christmas with my family while I filled my shopping trolley with all the trappings to make this “the best Christmas ever” incase it really was my last.  The following March I had an Upper Right Lobectomy and purse resection of the middle lobe and my largish “typical” Carcinoid Tumour was removed.

My life now is decidedly ordinary although I understand the walking miracle that I am.  I have so much admiration for the skill of the surgeon who performed complex and life saving surgery on me and for the ongoing treatment and care that keeps me as well as can be expected.  I didn’t get through my relationship with Neuroendocrine Cancer unscathed but my ongoing health problems pale in comparison to what many others have to live with. Each year in March on my anniversary I treat myself to something special as a reminder that I’m a survivor.